Oh What a Night! 25 Year Celebration!

7 August 2021 - 9:58pm -- Anonymous

Lockdown in a Gown
Endeavour Harmony Chorus, unable to have our planned face to face celebration ... yet  (it has been delayed until later this year) still celebrated our 25th Birthday together on Friday 6 August via Zoom. 

Some members appeared in glamorous, glitzy gowns - there were sparkles, satin, feathers and beautiful colours; whilst others appeared in their favourite, cute and cuddly dressing gowns.  One appeared on stage with Capital Theatre backdrop, one was unrecognisable with her new long black locks, one in graduation gown with mortar and pestle (later revealing a sparkling gold sequinned number underneath) and one, was bedecked in a multitude of medals (over her stylish gown, of course).   All 38 of us were ready for a night of friendship and fun and we were not disappointed.

Many thanks to our  25th Birthday Zoom Organising Team extraordinaire - Princess Jackelyn of Dameelia and Dame Tracey of Nelsonia, aka Mel and Gaye, who imagined and co-ordinated the night.  They kept us at on the ball and well entertained throughout the evening.   There were quizzes, a poetry competition, special talent performances - including a tin whistle rendition and a trumpet soloist (may need a bit more polishing before featured public performances) plus some very special guest appearances by EHC members' children - a prolonged, handstand was most impressive. 

After a brief intermission, to settle Master Mitch, the entertainment continued with small group breakout rooms allowing time for connection.  Creative EHC cocktails were invented ie the Pina Covida - pineapple with a touch of hand sanitiser (vodka substitute allowed); the Astraginica (gin based cocktail), the Endeavourette (some sort of red wine/beer based cocktail - obviously swayed by the groups' large bass contingent) and the rum based, Harmony Royale, which may have captured the most enthusiasm from our taste bud imaginations.  The talent of this group is boundless both onstage and offstage!

For a guessing competition, members were asked to share something unusual about themselves that none of us would be likely to know - some interesting reveals and stories were shared.  People were encouraged to think about a chorus buddy and share a positive thought about them - connections and friendships amongst EHC are clearly important and valued.  A very special acknowledgement was made to our talented, founding Master Director, Lea Baker. 

We are all so glad Lea had the vision and passion in August 1996 to found Endeavour Harmony Chorus with 25 singers (some of whom have shared the whole journey with her and are still singing and performing with EHC).  Thank you Lea and all the amazing women who have been part of this 25 year Endeavour Harmony journey.   As Princess Jackelyn often says, it takes a village, and we have one amazing village!



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