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If you love to sing, enjoy a challenge, and want to be part of a friendly high-performance team, Endeavour Harmony Chorus is for you! Whether you are beginning on your singing journey or a seasoned performer, EHC could be your group! Read on to find out more about our chorus, audition requirements, frequently asked questions, and our chorus Vision and Values via the document at the end of this page. We are LGBTQI friendly and a transgender safe space. We sing in four-part harmony and without musical accompaniment - just voices (a cappella). Our voice parts range from low (bass section) to high (tenor section) and the two middle parts, similar to the alto range (baritone and lead sections).

Our 2022 new member program is called 'Sing With Us', starting with an Open Night planned for Tue 5th April 2022 at The Jannali High School Hall. No matter whether you're a high singer or very low singer, or somewhere in between, we'd love to hear from you! We are particularly looking for low female voices (Alto 1 and 2) for our baritone and bass section and also higher ones, for our tenor section.  Please contact us to register your interest!

If you are keen to find out your suitability (vocally), why not learn the TAG and send in your recording?  We will give you feedback. Link here for the details.

Benefits of chorus membership

  • Sing with one of Australia's premier a cappella vocal groups
  • Ongoing quality vocal instruction with qualified coaches
  • Performance / showmanship training
  • Improve self esteem and confidence
  • Make new lasting friendships
  • Fun and rewarding Tuesday night singing
  • Learn a variety of songs
  • Improve your health and fitness (singing is a physical activity!)
  • High-quality learning media
  • One night during the week that is for just for you!
  • Coaching by international vocal and performance coaches
  • Performance opportunities
  • Ensemble singing experience

Are you ready to learn?

Tuesday nights are very educational. We constantly train in both visual performance good singing including:

  • Alignment and breathing / support
  • Resonance
  • Articulation
  • Rhythm and tempo
  • Visual communication / physical expression
  • Much more!

What should I bring to chorus nights each week?

  • A water bottle
  • Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes
  • Have a light meal before you come to rehearsals
  • Please do not wear perfume or scented hairspray
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear your name badge (provided to you)
  • A personal recorder or smartphone with voice recorder
  • A positive attitude!

Frequently asked questions about joining the chorus

What’s the purpose of the group?

We are a World Class a-cappella Chorus passionate about providing excellence in entertainment.  Read our chorus vision and values at the end of this page.

Do I need to read music?

Music reading skills are useful, however it is not a requirement to be able to read music to join the group. We strongly encourage members to learn the basics of music reading and we provide resources to do this. We learn from audio learning tracks, however it is helpful to know what the notes are on the page. We provide copies of the sheet music if requested.

Do you take "raw beginners"?

Having some experience with music or singing is very helpful, however, we have a number of members who joined as 'raw beginners' and are vital members of the group. Everyone who wants to join goes through an audition with the same criteria (see information below), regardless of their background. Our audition includes learning a simple dance routine and being able to sing while looking natural and expressive.

What are our expectations of members?

Each chorus member:

  • Is committed to attending rehearsals each week and makes every effort to do so.
  • Learns new music and the visual plan by the designated date.
  • Gives undivided attention to the person in front of the chorus (eg director, visual leader etc).
  • Always gives their personal best.
  • Understands that being a member of EHC requires commitment.
  • Is friendly and respectful of all chorus members.
  • Works on improving their vocal and performance skills outside of rehearsal.
  • Is willing to try new things to keep getting better as a singer and performer.
  • Maintains a positive attitude and stifles negativity.
  • Is a ‘self starter’ and gets things done on their own without needing constant reminding
  • Is fully vaccinated for Covid 19.

What about performances and competitions? 

We have various performances throughout the year around Sydney and we hold a big show each year. We encourage members to sign up for whichever performances they can manage.  In respect to competitions, we enter the National Competition normally every 2 or 3 years. It is normally held over a weekend in May, although the weekend can differ from year to year.  We also sometimes enter the Sydney Eisteddfod. Although we would love every member to attend contest we know it's not possible. The main thing is you can commit to Tue evening rehearsals and then attend which ever performances you can manage. 

If you are keen on overseas travel, there are opportunities to do that as well!.  

What is the audition process?

STEP 1 -  Voice analysis

During the week following the open night, we analyse your voice for tuning and accuracy, in private. At this stage we also allocate you to one of our four voice parts (Tenor, Lead, Baritone or Bass). Once through this step, you'll be in our "Sing With Us" program, which runs for 6 weeks!

STEP 2 - learn two songs with the chorus

After the personal voice placing, we assign you a buddy to help support you, and we will give you two songs to learn within six weeks. We give you downloadable MP3 learning tracks, word sheets and sheet music. You learn the songs at home and practice with the chorus each Tuesday night.  We give you lots of information and help with how to learn music. Incorporated into these regular rehearsals will be vocal and visual instruction. Attending every Tuesday evening is very important to provide the best opportunity for you to learn your audition songs and learn with the chorus.

STEP 3 -  Public Performance!

The end of the 'Sing With Us' program is celebrated with a public performance, at our rehearsal hall. Invite your friends! (date tba). You'll perform the two songs you've learned over the 6 week program.

STEP 4 - Audition

At the end of the 6 week program, we invite you to audition with the chorus. We do this by you recording yourself at chorus with the group, into a recorder (eg your smart phone) and we analyse this for accuracy and tuning. You don't have to sing on your own in front of others. 

There is also a visual audition component.  Visual performance is an important part of our artform, and the ability to use physical and facial expression when singing is important as well. We teach you about this. The audition includes a simple dance routine and observations of your singing posture and facial expression. We will assess you during the 6 week program but never fear, we give you lots of help and information about this.

STEP 5 -  Probation Period

After successfully auditioning, you'll enter a  10-12 week probation period, during which time lots of more instruction, coaching and performance tips are provided, along with another four new songs to learn.

Once you have passed the above steps and successfully completed the 10 -12 week probation period, you will become a full member of the chorus!

Is it for me?

We have members from all walks of life and in all stages of their lives. From high school seniors, and new mums through to over 60's.  We have teachers, scientists, a Doctor, a Vet, stay at home mums, students, and everything in between. As long as you love singing, enjoy a challenge, are willing to learn and want to be part of a high performance team, Endeavour Harmony is for you!

What are the characteristics of our artform?

  • Our songs are sung 'a cappella' (voices only, without accompaniment)
  • We don’t hold music when we sing
  • We have a harmony part above the melody line
  • We have great flexibility in how we interpret the songs we sing
  • We can accommodate very low voices
  • We place an emphasis on showmanship and physical performance aspects of singing
  • We use movement / visual performance in many of our songs

What are the four parts?

Tenor sings the high harmony part above the leads.

Lead sings a harmony part that is the melody line most of the time.

Baritone sings the harmony part above and below the leads.

Bass sings the low harmony part.

We sometimes use soloists within our songs. Each part suits certain voice types, and we will help you find which part suits your voice best.

Please contact us to enquire about joining. We'd love to hear from you!

What Does It Cost?

The 6 week 'Sing With Us' program costs $60.  This covers your music, learning media and instruction during the program.

Full membership to EHC costs $60 per month. Considering the education each member receives at weekly rehearsals, and the expert overseas coaching provided, fees are very reasonable! Initially, there is also a one-off payment of $220 to cover your first year’s membership to Sweet Adelines International (the international organisation that we are a member of). Under 25's pay $145 on joining and $35 per month.

The monthly fees cover our running expenses like hall hire, music costs, etc. as well as all subsequent annual international and regional fees. 

Contact us

Endeavour Harmony Chorus
PO Box 747
Jannali, Sydney, NSW 2226.

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